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Kuwait launches Chinese center for cultural exchanges

Date:2018-03-05 13:29Source:eng.yidaiyilu.gov.cnBy:Liu YueEditor:BellaViews:4947
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Kuwait launches Chinese center for cultural exchanges. (eng.yidaiyilu.gov.cn)

Kuwait opens a Chinese center in its capital Kuwait city on Mar. 3 to promote cultural exchanges and deepen economic and trade cooperation.

Tea art, traditional Chinese medicine and Chinese food are very famous in Kuwait, said Yao Jian, the director of the Chinese Center.

"We hope more Kuwaitis and people from neighboring countries will enjoy the rich and colorful Chinese culture in this center," he said.

Zeinab Mohammed, director of the Sino-Kuwaiti Friendship Association, said "we need such a Chinese center to understand the Chinese culture."

"Kuwaitis could learn about Chinese culture and everything related to it, such as the Chinese concept of health and the treatment of traditional Chinese medicine," she said.

Ahmed Abdul Salam, a Kuwaiti businessman who attended the ceremony, agreed. "The center provides an opportunity for us to figure out a beautiful Chinese culture so as to contribute to the trade and cultural exchanges," he said.

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